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>> Asphaltwelten by go plastic

In 2020-22, the go plastic company deals with shelter & life on the street. In three different project formats, the series “Asphaltwelten” deals with thematic aspects, theses and values, as well as society’s view of life outside, its challenges, shortcomings and needs.
In these three parts, the company collaborates with various partners in different artistic constellations and creates interdisciplinary performance formats in and for public space that look at the theme from different perspectives.
The trilogy about life without a roof over one’s head will challenge, open up, make it possible to experience and have an impact.
The Dresden-based company go plastic works as a freelance group on performance projects with a focus on dance for theatre spaces and in this project, for the first time on this scale, for public spaces. The artistic constellations vary according to the concept and always enable us to open up new areas.

>> Asphaltwelten Part 1

The trilogy began with a cooperation with the Societaetstheater Dresden. The installative and interactive performance was developed on Hauptstraße Dresden (“main street Dresden).
We encounter them almost every day. People sitting, kneeling, lying on park benches, at the corners of houses, entrances to houses, shopping arcades.

What does this do to us?
How do we pass by?
Why do these encounters irritate us?
Do we look them in the eye or avoid contact?
How long does our attention linger on them?
How do we empathise without knowing?
And why are we so clueless in dealing with strangers who do not see streets as places of passage, shopping arcades not as shopping wellness or park benches not as resting places, but as living space?

In its first part, the go plastic company worked on an experimental arrangement of bodies in public space and the production of exceptional moments. The main street (Hauptstraße) as a stage on which worlds collide.


Concept / Artistic direction:

Cindy Hammer & Susan Schubert

Artistic research / performance:

Caroline Beach / Cindy Hammer / Joseph Hernandez

Material / Equipment:

Enrico Sutter

Music / Soundtrack:

Johannes Till

Video / Artistic documentary:

Benjamin Schindler

Artistic direction / production dramaturgy:

Susan Schubert

Support / Consulting:

Frauke Wetzel

Editorial Office / Controlling:

Michaela Jarosch

Technical direction:

Benjamin Henrichs

Art-Work / Web:

Dominic Glöß / Stephan Tautz


A production by go plastic in co-production with the Societaetstheater Dresden.

Funded by the Dresden Office for Culture and Monument Protection and the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony, this measure is co-financed by tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the members of the Saxon State Parliament.

With the kind support of TENZA schmiede Dresden, TanzNetzDresden, Bahnhofsmission Dresden and Die Tafel e.V.

Further information on the project at:


go plastic company dresden asphaltwelten part 1
go plastic company dresden asphaltwelten part 1
go plastic company asphaltwelten part 1 societaetstheater dresden
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