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Come, chase the night with me.
I’m loosing track here
You dont need light to touch.
Play the same old game with empty hearts and full senses.
Rave with me. Ghost me harder. Stay progressive!
Then look me in my candy eyes – those shifty eyes, what a sweet surprise.
Youre very cold.
Keep your distance.
And let us play dreams and dramas.
Wish you were here.
Can you stand perfectly still and hold this moment open?
Into the belly of the beast.
You think the world could suddenly end on a night as quiet as this,
Disappear here.
A golden state of mind, tastes like metal.
Stay away from lonely places.
Just leave your world right here.

will be presented at 20 Jahre Societaetstheater. Die Geburtstagsparty

on Saturday, February 16th 2019

Photo: Juliane Müller
Choreography / Performance: Cindy Hammer

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